Technology Used:

iDVD 129x129

Camera: Canon Elura 100 mini-DV
Movie software: iMovie ’09
DVD software: iDVD ’09
DVD burner: macBook 2.2GHz dual core Intel
DVDs: Taiyo Yuden 16X Watershield White Inkjet Hub Printable 16X DVD-R
DVD label printer: Dymo DiscPainter
DVD inserts: Meritline Glossy Slim DVD inserts
DVD insert printer: Brother 4070 Color Laser Printer

My name is Jim Weber and I’m just a Country Club parent that has taken some videos of the last four Country Club Idols. I’m not a professional videographer, but I am getting better with practice. I started making these DVDs for my own family only, but some of our friends started asking for copies as well. Next thing I knew, my little hobby was costing me quite a bit just in making copies for everyone else. So, I figured I might as well set up an easy way for anyone that wants to get my DVDs to do it, but not make me go broke in the process. Hence, was born.

Since I'm charging people for these DVDs, I felt I needed to make them worth buying, so I invested in a new label printer that prints directly to the DVD, which means no worry about labels coming off in your player. The next logical step was to get a high quality DVD with a glossy finish to really make the labels look professionally done. They're water resistant as well, so if your DVD gets wet, you shouldn't have to worry about the ink running all over the place. Neither of these options were cheap, but they make for a finished product that I can be proud of and not ashamed to ask people to pay for.

I hope you have as much fun watching the movies as I did putting them together.